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10 Types of Modern Rugs to Spruce Up Your Floors

10 Types of Modern Rugs to Spruce Up Your Floors

A trendy rug can make all the difference in your home decor. That being said, it's essential to be selective with the rug that you buy. The key is to know which one to choose and how to arrange it conscientiously. 


In this article, we're sharing tips, ideas, and suggestions for choosing your next modern rug. You will discover design trends and learn about the materials, colors, and shapes of rugs and where to place them for a decor that suits you.


Here are 10 of the trendiest modern rugs to look out for!


1 - The Minimalist Trend


Natural materials, a simple design, a timeless look: this is the definition of a rug that follows the minimalist trend. Suppose you have adopted the minimalist movement in your home to get rid of the superfluous and surround yourself only with the essentials. In that case, this rug will please you with its simple design and quality composition.


The idea is to decorate your interior with a trendy modern rug without overloading the space. Since minimalism almost always goes hand in hand with an essential - coziness, most minimalist rugs are available in natural materials.


Sku: CSB726A-28



2 - Go Big & Stay Home


Another trending idea is to opt for an XXL rug for a homey yet elegant ambiance. A chic, refined, and sophisticated way to enjoy a rug you love is going big and placing it in a larger room such as your living room.


Covering a good part of your floor, an extra-large rug will decorate your room while offering comfort and softness to your feet. We don't say go big or go home; we say go big and stay home! 


Sku: 99446585677

Sku: LLH522521X34


3 - Graphic Designs 


Rugs with printed graphics are probably the trendiest of modern rugs at the moment. However, the problem with these rugs is that they only blend in with only a certain type of decor. However, if your walls are a neutral color, you'll most likely be able to find a rug with a graphic design that will work wonders. 


A modern rug with a graphic design mixing super trendy colors such as duck blue or forest green can be perfect for an interior comprising white or traditional cream walls. These stylish rugs also bring out the beauty of light-toned sofas or bedding. Either way, they always bring character and life to a room.


Sku: 99446395344

Sku: RUG129348


4 - Hexagonal Rugs


The dynamism of the hexagon, the softness of the wool, and the depth of rich colors: traditional hexagonal rugs carry unique charm.


The unique shape is eye-catching, and the extensive variety of hexagonal rugs ensures there's one for every decor type.


Sku: RUG137353

Sku: MSR2554B-4


5 - Round Jute Rugs


Natural materials are all the rage this year, and this is a trend you'll want to take part in eventually. You can bet on natural materials such as jute to bring a touch of finesse to your interior.


Round jute rugs are ideal if you are looking for an evergreen decorative style which, in addition to finding its place in any room, can last for years while adapting systematically to your home.


Sku: CAP251A-28

Sku: AMB0328-060R


6 - Bohemian Rugs


The boho theme is back again, and we love it! Why not add a bohemian touch to your interior by hanging a printed rug with fringes on your wall? Bet on simple decor and basic colors for your walls and furniture, and opt for a bohemian-style rug to add a colorful, friendly, and designer note to your interior.


If you're genuinely into the bohemian style, try strategically selecting more than one rug and superimpose them for a graphic and artistic effect. A new trend for wall decoration!


Sku: BOH315A-2

Sku: MNC212D-212


7 - Long Hallway Rugs

A simplistic, designer rug for a hallway will allow you to decorate the space while not having cold feet when putting on your shoes or walking barefoot in the night. 


Long and narrow, runner rugs are ideal for bare and what could be considered dull (without the rug) halls. They also work wonders in front of a cabinet for storing shoes or under a small bench.


Sku: PRL7735E-27

Sku: PRL7736B-27

8 - Bath Mats

As a cocooning decoration tip, bathroom rugs are quickly gaining popularity everywhere. Smaller in size, but just as stylish.

Funny, motivating, and trendy, these rugs are as practical as they are decorative. And they add a touch of humor to the bathroom. What could possibly be a better way to start your day?

Sku: PMB625N-2745-SET2

Sku: PMB631B-2745-SET2

9 - Bed Mats

It is extremely painful to get out of bed when temperatures are low and cold outside the duvet. One possible solution is to opt for a pleasant and cozy bed mat. Wool is the most suitable material for bed mats as it serves the purpose of keeping your feet warm.

Bed mats are a highly trending rug type. To make things even better, they come in a wide variety. Now you are spoiled for choice!

Sku: SG270A-24

Sku: DRADRA10300700576

10 - Modern Wool Rugs

Speaking of wool, there are so many options here that exceed the walls of bedrooms. These modern wool rugs can be a part of your interior in many ways. You can place them facing an armchair in a baby's room, by the bathroom sink, near the bed, or hung on a wall. With wool, the possibilities are endless to decorate and furnish your cocoon.


In addition to being cozy and pleasant, wool rugs are also a great decorative asset. Just make sure that your wool rug choice is in perfect harmony with your furniture, decorative items, and other colors in the room in question.


Sku: EMM2300-576

Sku: MET968A-3

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